Commercial Property For Rentretail lease space

Fort Worth retail lease space for a small business?  Is that even possible?

Yes, it is, and we are going to tell you all about it. Call us at (817) 439-3224 and talk to our leasing agent. We are RDS Real Estate, specializing in multi-use properties for small businesses.  If we can’t find what you want, it probably doesn’t exist.

The problem finding retail lease space

If you have already begun your search for retail space for lease Fort Worth, you probably already know the two main problems in the Fort Worth area: cost and size.  Retail space for rent Fort Worth is expensive, especially downtown and in the major shopping centers.  In fact, the cost is prohibitive for most small business  owners.  Now this is a bit counterintuitive, quite frankly, since the overwhelming category leader in businesses in the United States is the “small business category.  Owners of home-based businesses and one-man businesses easily dominate the numbers in the retail world and yet it is extremely hard to find retail lease space those businesses can afford.  Available properties are almost always too large which, in turn, makes them too expensive.

We are RDS Real Estate noticed this trend early on and that is why we have gobbled up over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties for rent for small businesses.

The best Fort Worth retail lease space?

We promised you “the best” and we are about to deliver.  When commercial property for rent is too expensive, one must go where it is less expensive, but at the same time it must be a thriving commercial and residential area so the business will survive. That description perfectly describes the Fort Worth Design District in unincorporated North Fort Worth, and specifically in the Alliance Area.

A word about commercial growth in Fort Worth

The downtown corridor of Fort Worth has reached saturation.  It would be difficult for a small business to be successful in downtown Fort Worth.  But because of that saturation, growth is occurring outside of the downtown area, spreading its commercial wings especially in the Alliance Area, one of the fastest growing commercial and residential neighborhoods in Tarrant County.  If you are looking for growth, look at the Alliance Area.  If you are looking for commercial property for rent you can afford, look at the Alliance Area.

Within the Fort Worth Design District we have a business park you simply must see to believe . . .Box Officer Warehouse Suites!  Retail lease space starting at 320 square feet in size and $875 per month . . .we challenge you to find a retail space in Fort Worth for that ridiculously low amount.

Low price . . . rapidly growing commercial area . . . embracing small businesses . . . no certificate of occupancy required . . . what more could you ask for in retail space for rent Fort Worth?

Contact us with a call. We have what you want . .. we have what you need . . . let’s do this thing and get you situated sooner rather than later into your new retail storefront.  It is never hard to obtain what you want when RDS Real Estate is in your corner.