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Addendums to Tenant Lease Agreement |RDS Real Estate

The tenant lease agreement

The tenant lease agreement is a legal instrument that sets forth the rules for leasing a property, both on the part of the tenant and the part of the landlord. It will list the dollar amount of the monthly rent, what is included and what is not and your amenity package and more. Often a landlord will enlist a tenant screening services to help ensure that the tenant is qualified to lease and check the background for legal problems. A business consultant is a good idea to have access to who will help you with such important tasks like securing underwriting for renter’s insurance.

You can learn all about leases, business advice and even about unique wedding locations when you stop in at RDS Real Estate, and talk with Ron Sturgeon, owner and purveyor of the most unique wedding sites, commercial properties and is a business leader and consultant par excellence. If you desire to learn more about the tenant lease agreement, you can consult with Ron personally or attend one of his workshops or join a Peer Benchmarking group hand selected for you. Call today.

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Tenant legal terms you should know

There are some tenant legal terms that you should know before you decide to sign a lease for a term and it is best to seek the advice of an attorney or a business consultant who will take the time to teach you about a tenant lease agreement in layman’s terms. A business consultant will also be able to explain to you the difference financially and legally between leasing and purchasing a property with a va loan.

Even when you lease a vacation rental you will have a lease to sign and understand and it is best to read and know what you are signing before agreeing to its terms. Seek the counsel of a business mentor, Ron Sturgeon of RDS Real Estate and also ask about his unique vacation retreat that is a home away from home, luxurious in every way and can be also used as a Super Bowl week, corporate event site but will certainly be a vaction home rental that you will never want to leave. Call RDS Real Estate for more information.

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Effective tenant letter

If you are having problems with your landlord or have an issue that just won’t resolve itself, then call on Ron Sturgeon to help you construct an effective tenant letter and even serve as a mediator if you desire. As a leading business mentor and leasing broker for over ten years, Ron has the expertise you need to effect resolution and good relations with your landlord or help you to move on if necessary.

Speaking of a venue for wedding, you will be thrilled with the tenant lease agreement for the week of your life if you are getting married soon. Check out the RDS Real Estate website for pictures of this fabulous property. There are also photos of listings for a warehouse for rent in arlington, a warehouse for rent in blue mound and many other alternatives to a warehouse for sale in Dallas. Many are choosing to locate just outside of Dallas for a less expensive alternative and easier access for themselves and their customers. Contact RDS Real Estate for a personal tour and consultation.

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