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Targeted for prime Retail Space in Kennedale | RDS Real Estate

Targeted for prime retail space in Kennedale

Targeted for prime retail space in Kennedale is the goal and provision of the properties of RDS Real Estate. Mastering the commercial purchase selection of great properties and turning them into magnificent lease properties for the smooth operations of the small business owners that need them is the specialty of RDS Real Estate.


The commercial properties for sale in Kennedale that meet the strict criteria by Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate are then added to the RDS portfolio to offer to the discriminating clients who are in search of the best lease spaces.  See the retail space in Kennedale that can be the space of your dreams, call now.

Making commercial property for lease in Kennedale yours

Making commercial property for lease Kennedale yours, can be done in a number of ways, certainly through leasing with RDS Real Estate, and then customizing it to your exacting standards. The great thing about RDS properties is much of the work has already been done that normally a tenant would be responsible for. Measured success and worthwhile endeavors usually don’t just happen, they are created purposely and carefully. Ask for business tools and workshops with your lease package.


Super office space for rent in Kennedale and an even greater landlord, makes it nice to go to work, fun to grow your business and admiring for your customers or clients. From professional to retail space in Kennedale and all around the DFW area, one only has to find their way to RDS Real Estate. Call now to become one of the success stories of RDS Real Estate.

Specialized commercial property lease in Kennedale

A specialized commercial property lease in Kennedale is actually all of their leases, all are carefully and cautiously designed and optimized for the seriously efficient operations of the tenants who lease them. You’ll find a distinct advantage in working with and leasing from Ron Sturgeon and his RDS Real Estate team.


Different office space rent in Kennedale measured in affordability, saves on resources that can be pooled back into your business. Fascinating retail space in Kennedale are refreshing for a small business owner in a world where big business is who normally gets all of the attention. Call now for a tour and all of the details at RDS Real Estate.

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