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Stunning Stylist Careers ongoing at luxury spa | RDS Real Estate

Stunning stylist careers

Stunning stylist careers are in the spotlight at Salon and Spa Galleria presented by RDS Real Estate. Beautiful  beauty salons for rent in the form of private studios with locking doors arranged inside a grand spa make for the perfect setting and working environment. Being in business for yourself, it is great to have a sense of community yet also maintain the privacy you and your clients desire.


It is the new era in booth rental shunning the open air cubicle in favor of the sizeable private individual studio suite. The lease agreement takes the place of the booth rental agreement and is much more flexible with far more amenities. The lease package includes business support, free website, free wifi, free press releases and business card templates. Leasing equipment is available and you retain all of your earnings unlike typical booth rental agreements. Spotlight your stylist careers by calling RDS Real Estate.

A suite salon for privacy and luxury

A suite salon for privacy and luxury is also for customizing with your favorite stylist chair, mirror, European shampoo bowl and lighting. You are free to paint, wallpaper, bring in art, rugs and have custom cabinets made. You won’t find that option in the typical  booth rental in Arlington and in addition you’ll recognize right away the difference between a lease agreement for a private studio and a  booth rental contract.


If you are considering signing booth rental contracts and conducting your business within booth rentals you’ll want to stop in at Salon and Spa Galleria or RDS Real Estate and speak to the leasing agent. Visit the spa and talk with the professionals who have chosen to conduct and grow their stylist careers at Salon and Spa Galleria Grapevine or Arlington.

Career minded beauty professionals

If you are among the career minded beauty professionals who want to grow your client list and make a name for yourself, consider the lease packages with RDS Real Estate in a private studio as opposed to the booth-rental open air shared situation, less favored by discriminating clients. The supportive business builder package that comes with the opportunity at Salon and Spa Galleria is unparalleled in the industry.


Especially excited about the private customizable studios at the spa are hair color experts who prefer to sell their own products and build their own color bar. Another important choice is the custom hair salon chair, so you can see the benefits stacking in favor of your stylist careers when you choose to practice at Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate today for your tour.

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