A stylist salary job is great but at the same time you will be giving the majority of your money is going to the salon and not to you and the same goes with a stylist commission job. A small business ownership could be exactly what you are looking for in order to start making your own money. Here at RDS Real Estate we have salons all over the DFW area called Salon and Spa Galleria that are suite rental salons that offer studios to stylists looking to make some money. So, if you are interested in stylist careers and owning a stylist business then you should really think about coming to see us. If you are in the market for a suite salon then all you have to do is stop by any of our locations in the DFW area and we will gladly give you a tour of our facility so that you can determine the booth rental that you would like to have. We have beauty salons for rent that are all in such great locations you are sure to be able to grow your business and start making some money. There are many beauty professionals that are looking for ways to make their own money and to have to stop paying the salons and to do that you would need to lease a suite from us. There are so many reasons why you should lease a suite from us but the very best way to find out is to come see our salons and see what you like the best. We have recently remodeled all of our locations so that they are in the very best condition possible so that you can give the very best in services. Contact us today if you are interested to learn more.