Have you been looking for a studio for rent in Tarrant County?  If you have, you probably are feeling a bit of frustration right now.  In the commercial and industrial property for rent world, a studio for rent is about as unique as finding a four-leaf clover on a windy day.

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Why are studios for rent so hard to find?

It’s really a matter of economics.  In the world of commercial property for rent Tarrant County, bigger is better.  Property is priced by the square foot, so logically a 2,000 square foot space will make more income for a management company than a 400 square foot space.  Besides, bigger is always better, correct?

And if you do find a studio for rent in Tarrant County, they are quite often in older, rundown parts of a city, where gentrification has not occurred yet, and if you are renting a studio for a business purpose, you really do not want to be in a poor location.

So the search for a studio for rent in Tarrant County is going to be a tough one.

Except for . . .

Except for the fact that we know of one location where you can find a studio for rent at an excellent price, and that location is one of the fastest growing in all of Tarrant County.

Are you interested in a studio for rent Fort Worth?

Welcome to Box Office Warehouse Suites!

Box Office Warehouse Suites is located in the Fort Worth Design District in the Alliance Area, the IN PLACE for creative business owners in the Fort Worth area.  At Box Office Warehouse Suites, units begin at 320 square feet for only $875 per month, lovely studios, many with balconies and kitchenettes, all in a prime location and all great opportunities.  These are ideal for any small business, or home-based business, in need of more room. These are perfect spaces for web designers, real estate agents, accountants, or anyone wanting small, affordable, unique location for meeting clients.  These are a dream come true for artists, sculptors, or other craft/art related undertakings.

Did we mention $875 per month?

What happens if you outgrow the 320 square foot space?

Here is just one of the great features of Box Office Warehouse Suites: all units are made from recycled and retrofitted shipping containers.  If you outgrow one container, another one can be added, doubling your studio size.  Literally in a matter of weeks your working space could be doubled with practically no disruption to your work schedule at all.

How easy is that?

Box Office Warehouse Suites is not for everyone, but it is for a business person looking for extremely low rental rates in a unique and supportive business park.  Take the drone tour on YouTube and get a feel for Box Office Warehouse Suites.

And call us if you have questions about a studio for rent Tarrant County.  Our number, again, is (817) 439-3224.  Contact us! We will be happy to discuss your options and find you the perfect studio for rent to match your needs.  We are locally owned and operated and we are standing by to lend our assistance.