We offer so many great spaces for lease here at RDS Real Estate for you to choose from so that you can start your new business or to build on the one that you already have. There are other real estate companies out there that offer space to rent but if you really want to be able to offer your clients the best in services you will want a great location so that would mean that you need to come see us. We offer commercial and industrial real estate and we even have multiple suite rental salons that all have a spa area in them so that you can get a space to lease so tat you could start your own salon. If you are interested in the space for rent that we have then all you have to do is contact on of our leasing managers and they will gladly help you find the space lease you are looking for. When you do start looking for a space retail you will find lots of locations but they will not be in the areas that we have that you can start your business. There are so many services that you can offer such as tanning or wax and the salons that we have are in Arlington and Grapevine so if you want to offer tanning Grapevine or wax Grapevine you could. Our salons are full service so you could really offer just about any service that you want as long as you have all of the required paper work that is involved. If you are ready to get started and would like to speak to a leasing manager so that you can get your questions answered and they will also be able to set up a time to give you a tour.