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Is there such a thing as the perfect shop for rent?  Probably not, and we apologize for the misleading title right out of the gate; but we can help you, with this article, to find an outstanding shop space for rent which will meet a large majority of your needs, and in commercial real estate that is a win.

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And now, our game plan for finding you the perfect shop for rent for your needs.

One: It begins with you

No search for a rent shop should begin without a detailed list of your precise needs. This list wiould include the square footage you will need, your budget (plan on 5% gross sales going towards monthly lease expenses), the desired location, and any other specific needs you have. We cannot overemphasize this enough; the more detailed your list is, the better your chance of finding what you want and need.

Two: Hire a professional

Squash the desire to rush out and start looking at commercial property for lease.  Your search begins by hiring the most experienced and motivated commercial real estate broker you can find.  Ask around for recommendations. Get references.  Do your due diligence, find a good one, and then put them to work for you.  The good ones will listen to client needs. The good ones have an intimate knowledge of the entire real estate market in your city, and the good ones will not rest until they have found exactly what you want.

Once you have a broker, let them do the searching for you. Their search should net you, say, the Top Five shops for rent for you to consider.

Three: Make a detailed checklist

Armed with a checklist (created by you), you can now visit the Top Five and rate them, on your checklist, to see how they match up.  Do they have the parking you will need? Do they have a small office in the back? Do they have great potential for in-store displays? Do they have ample storage space in the back?  Outstanding access in the back?  Proper zoning for your type of retail business?

Four: Narrow down your options for a shop for rent

It is decision-making time! Which of the Top Five is the best?

Five: Negotiate

A commercial real state rental agreement is a legal contract. You are well within your rights to negotiate that contract.  Very few items in that contract are set in stone.  It’s amazing how many clients we have had who don’t realize this.  If you don’t like certain terms of a contract, negotiate for better terms.  If you don’t like the rental price, try to negotiate for a better price.  A word to the wise: 2022 will be the Year of the Renter in commercial real estate.  You have the power.  Use it to get the best deal possible.

Six: Choose the shop for rent with confidence

Make your choice, have a real estate lawyer go over the contract to make sure everything is as it should be, and sign on the dotted line with confidence.  You have done everything you can do to make sure you have made the best decision possible.

A word about RDS Real Estate

We can help! We do help daily in the Fort Worth area.  If it’s quality commercial real estate you want, the absolute best shop for rent to match your needs, then call RDS Real Estate and put us to work for you.