What is the difference between shop space for rent Southlake and shop space for rent Grapevine?

About five miles as the crow flies!

What is the difference between shop space for rent Southlake and shop space for rent Ft Worth?

About fifteen miles, give or take?

Shop space for rent Haltom City? Shop space for rent Arlington? Shop space for rent Irving?  All are within twenty miles!

Now there is a reason for this geography quiz, and we will make that reason known soon, but before that we want you to jot down this number . . .(817) 439-3224 . . . RDS Real Estate is standing by to help you find that shop for rent.

Why rent shop Southlake?

Listen, we have absolutely nothing against the fine City of Southlake, Texas. We’ve been there many times for a fine meal, or passing through on the way to our favorite fishing hole on the lake, but to be real about it, Southlake is not known for its industrial properties for lease.  Southlake is a residential city.  It is a city with fine schools and parks.  It is not a commercial property hotbed, so finding a shop space for rent in Southlake just might be a bit challenging. That is why we gave you that brief geography lesson.  If you can find the perfect shop for rent which matches your needs, and you have to drive fifteen miles to get to it daily, aren’t those fifteen miles worth it?

The perfect shop for rent locations

If you are asking us, and you should be, we would recommend two areas for a shop space for rent . . . Haltom City and the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.  Both of those locations are known for their industrial space, and both offer many options and prices to choose from.  And if you were working with us, we would also recommend multi-use properties, industrial space which can be used for a variety of purposes.  In other words, a warehouse is actually a shop if it has proper wiring and ventilation for the machinery, so why not also look at the warehouse for rent Southlake listings, and the warehouse for rent Haltom City or Fort Worth listings?

We would also like to caution you to consider the future.  How much growth are you going to see in five years? If you think, in 2019, you need shop space of about two-thousand square feet, what will you need in 2024 when your business has sprouted?  Are you going to move into another shop space in five years, or should you consider moving into a slightly larger shop space now so you have extra room for the future?

These are all things we can talk about when you contact us.  The name, again,  is RDS Real Estate, and we are good at what we do.  Pick up the phone, call us, and let’s get you into the shop space for rent you want and need.  We work for you, so we will not rest until we have found the perfect shop for rent in Southlake or beyond.