If you are looking for shop space for rent in Saginaw, we will let you in on a little secret: there is more shop space for rent out there than you will find listed on the internet.  And here’s another little teaser for you to think about: not all shop space for rent is listed as shop space for rent.

Nice riddle, right? Read on and then call us at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate and we understand industrial real estate in Tarrant County.  We can find what you need.

When shop space for rent is not listed as shop space for rent

What is a shop?  Think about that for a moment.  What are the characteristics of a shop?  Four walls . . . bay doors . . . maybe a loading dock . . . proper wiring to handle machinery . . . isn’t that just a warehouse with proper wiring to handle your needs?  So, in industrial real estate terms, there is very little difference between a warehouse and shop space for rent. The difference lies in the purpose and use of that property and nothing more.

Which means that if you are looking for a shop for rent, you should also be looking for a warehouse for rent, and for that matter a garage for rent.  There is very little difference between the three of them. But most people do not realize that when they do an online property search, and that is why you really need a professional industrial real estate agent to assist you.

Take, for instance, these properties nearby in Haltom City:

  • 5520 Midway Rd #102
  • 5230 Midway Rd #3

Both are listed as warehouses for rent, or industrial property for rent, but in reality they could both also be shop space for rent Haltom City.

See how this works?

And why shop space for rent Saginaw?

What if Saginaw is not the best location for your business? What if Haltom City is a better location, or Haslet, or for that matter North Fort Worth?  All are within ten miles of Saginaw, and all offer great values in a shop for rent.  As a business owner you have to pay attention to your operating budget. Can you really ignore great values ten miles away from Saginaw? Isn’t it worth it to drive an extra ten miles for a better value?

Listen, we have nothing against Saginaw.  We think it’s a great city, and we think there is some great industrial property for rent in Saginaw. We are simply saying that for a decision of this importance you should not limit your search to just Saginaw.  Be willing to consider other close-by cities where you might find better values in industrial properties for lease.

That’s why we are here. Again we are RDS Real Estate, and as a locally owned and operated real estate company it is our business to know where the best values are for shop space for rent.  Contact us today.  Put us to work finding the absolute best deal for your company.  Stop with the Google searches, call us, and put our pros to work.