Looking for shop space for rent in Keller is a bit like buying a lottery ticket: it sure would be nice to win but, truthfully, what are the odds of it happening?  A shop for rent Keller comes along once in a blue moon, but don’t be discouraged.  You have RDS Real Estate running interference for you. Call us at (817) 439-3224 and we can find you that shop space for rent that you want so badly.

What kind of shop for rent are you looking for?

It’s not a trick question.  There are retail shops for rent, like the Olde Ice Cream Shoppe, and there are industrial shops for rent where mechanics work on machinery. So answering that question is sort of a crucial first step.

Once we narrow it down to commercial property for rent Keller, or industrial space Keller, we can zoom in on particulars: what specifics do you need inn that shop space for rent?  Size? General appearance? Cost? Amenities?  If you called us at RDS Real Estate, we would sit down with you and make up a “wish list,” and then we would scour our more than one-million square feet of multi-use industrial properties until we found what you wanted . . . and chances are excellent the product of our search would not be in Keller.

No, we have nothing against Keller.  It’s a great place to live, but it is also a questionable place to rent a shop.

But drive down the road about five miles, to unincorporated North Fort Worth and the Alliance Area, and you just might feel like you won that lottery.

Quick: name the fastest-growing commercial, residential, and industrial area in Tarrant County.

If you answered the Alliance Area, congratulations!

Quick: name the newest business neighborhood in the Alliance Area, a neighborhood  where you can find a shop for rent for as low as $875 per month.

If you answered the Fort Worth Design District, congratulations!

And quick: name the newest business park in the Fort Worth Design District, where prices like $875 per month are possible.

If you answered Box Office Warehouse Suites, congratulations!

And what amenities would come with a shop for rent at Box Office Warehouse Suites? Check it out:

  • Outside storage available
  • Bay doors available
  • Office space
  • ADA restrooms
  • Coffee area
  • Reception/Lobby area
  • Covered/garage parking available

So yes, we can find you shop space for rent Keller, but we honestly don’t think that’s your best option, and it is that kind of honesty which makes RDS Real Estate one of the leaders in industrial real estate in Tarrant County.

About RDS Real Estate

Well, we can tell you that we are locally owned and operated. We can tell you that we specialize in multi-use properties for small to medium businesses, and we can tell you that we have over one-million square feet of commercial and industrial properties.  That’s the quick background of RDS Real Estate. Contact us and let’s form a working relationship with each other which will end with your success.