This article will help you prepare to find shop space for rent in Irving or, for that matter, anywhere in the United States you might reside.  For further questions call (817) 439-3224. That number will connect you with RDS Real Estate. We have been matching business owners with industrial property for rent for quite some time.

Taking the first step in finding a shop for rent

You would be surprised how many business owners do not take this first step and yet we believe it to be crucial:  make a list of your specific needs.  Let’s say you are an electrician, or a plumber, an HVAC repairman or some other sort of mechanic.  You need a shop for your business.  That much is known and thus, you have found articles, like this one, from your Google search “shop space for rent Irving.”  What isn’t known, perhaps even by you, is what it is you really need.  How large a shop will you need tomorrow AND how large a shop will you need in five years based on your growth rate?

Will you need bay doors? Will you need a loading dock?  Will you need an attached office and/or will you need a break room or reception area?  How about outside storage? Will you need that now or down the road a bit?  If you were to contact us, these are the questions we would ask you before we ever conducted our search.

The second step in finding shop space for rent

The second step requires some serious thought.  Is it really Irving you want?  Do you know anything about running a business in Irving?  Is this just an emotional attachment to Irving because, if it is, that is the worst reason for choosing a location for your business?  What about shop space for rent Arlington, or shop space for rent Haltom City?  What is it about Irving which is calling you?

Location affects business.  We believe location is a game-changer.  We believe there are good locations and bad locations for a business. We believe locations affect profitability for a business.  In fact, we believe choosing a location is the single most important decision you will make for your business.  What if there was a shop space for rent Ft Worth which could be had for less than $900 per month in an extremely active commercial and industrial area? Would it be worth it to you, as a business owner, to at least look at it as a possibility, or are you anchored in Iriving?

Those two steps must be taken before you can really search for a shop for rent Irving, or a shop for rent Fort Worth or any other location in Tarrant County.

Our suggestion: answer those questions and then contact us.  Again we are RDS Real Estate, and we’ve been matching businesses with industrial properties for lease for quite some time now.  Use our expertise and make the right decision.  Finding the right shop space for rent Irving is as easy as picking up the phone and calling RDS Real Estate. Contact us today!