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Finding the perfect shop space for rent in Haltom City, for you, is our job. We are RDS Real Estate, the leading commercial real estate company in the Fort Worth area. And we work for you! Do you want to know the secret to our success? We specialize in multi-use Tarrant County commercial property for rent!  The term “multi-use” is extremely important.

At RDS Real Estate, we don’t believe a warehouse is just a warehouse, and we don’t believe a shop is just a shop.  Those are simply labels placed on commercial property for rent in Haltom City at the time that property was constructed.  In truth, four walls can be pretty much anything you say it is, from a warehouse to a shop to a hobby shop to a garage to a makerspace, and that is the truth we deal with at RDS.  We see a building as anything you want that building to be.  When we go out to purchase commercial property, we do not specifically go out to purchase warehouses or retail space or offices. We go out to buy commercial, multi-use properties.   When we construct a new business park like Golden Triangle Business Park, or Box Office Warehouse Suites, our goal is to construct multi-use spaces which can be used by a number of different businesses.

So shop space for rent in Haltom City can just as easily be a warehouse for rent in Haltom City, or a garage for rent in Haltom City, or . . . well, you get the point.

This is good news for you, the business owner, because when you come to RDS Real Estate, in search of shop space for rent in Haltom City, we do not limit our search to shop space. Rather, we take a look at the specific needs you have and then scour the one-million square feet of industrial properties for lease we own until we find the “shop space” you need.

And that is just one reason why RDS Real Estate leads the pack in commercial real estate sales.

Toss in our friendly service . . . toss in our extensive knowledge of the area . . . toss in our flexible and highly-reasonable terms . . . and you have a plethora of reasons to give RDS Real Estate a try.

Shop space for rent in Tarrant County?  No sweat!  Give us an hour and we’ll give you the new location of your business, wrapped up pretty with a bow on it.

You can make a bold claim like that when you are number one in your field.

And one other thing we will do for you: we will be honest in our opinions.  If we think you would do better with shop space for rent in Fort Worth, rather than Haltom City, we will tell you, and we will explain our reasons.  If we think Grapevine is a better location for your business we will tell you that as well.  And truthfully, you should expect nothing less from a real estate company working for you.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estat is a leader in leasing warehouse space, office space for lease, and multi-use space in Tarrant County, featuring industrial and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Haslet, Blue Mound, the Alliance Area, Arlington, Kennedale, and Haltom City.  For more information about any of their properties, call Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224, email leasing@rdsinvestments or visit  RDS is owned by Ron Sturgeon, a leading name in commercial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.  And for information about Sturgeon’s newest business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the only business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers, you can also contact Jim Eaton.