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What does a shop for rent mean to you?

Shop for rent is a confusing term in industrial real estate.  A shop, to some people, can be a retail store, like The Old Curiosity Shoppe. It can also be a place where cars are repaired, as in “I’m taking the car to the shop to have the brakes fixed.”

For the purpose of this article, though, we will go with this definition of shop, the one most recognized in industrial real estate:

A place for manufacturing or repairing goods or machinery.

What do you need for your industrial shop?

This question needs to be answered before we can conduct any search.  You will most likely need these features in any shop space for rent you look at:

  • Adequate room for your tools
  • Bay doors
  • Overhead lighting
  • Adequate wiring to run your tools

Those seem to be the basic components of an industrial shop, which leaves us to ask only two more questions:

  • What can you afford, and
  • Is Southlake the only area you will consider?

It all seems rather simple, doesn’t it? You have made this nice list of what you want, what you can spend, and where you want it, and now all you have to do is find a shop for rent in Southlake which matches those required items.

Not so fast!  What if we told you that at this moment there is not one shop for rent in Southlake? Chances are good that there is not, for Southlake is a city of only 25,000 people. Go ahead, do a Google search for shop space for rent Southlake and see what pops up. In point of fact, you could do the same thing for “shop space for rent Grapevine,” or “shop space for rent Haltom City.”  There just aren’t that many shops for rent Tarrant County.

But all is not lost!

What if there was a garage for rent which had all of the things you are looking for in a shop for rent? What if there was a warehouse for rent Southlake which, with a few modifications, could be exactly what it is you are looking for?

This is what we do at RDS Real Estate!

We begin with this statement of fact: the industrial real estate world is a fluid world.  In many ways it is an interchangeable world. We use the world multi-use to describe it.  A warehouse can be a garage can be a shop can even be a retail shop, all based on the simple fact that all industrial property for rent is four walls and a ceiling.

We have over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial property for rent Tarrant County.  If what you want is in Southlake, we will find it.  If it exists in Grapevine we will unearth it, and the same is true of Fort Worth, Mansfield, Arlington, and Haltom City.

Tell us what you want and then turn loose the staff of RDS Real Estate.

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