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Making the decision to lease a warehouse space can be a very good decision. Weather you are already leasing a retail space or just a small business just opening your doors to the public. The money you can save leasing a warehouse can be quite substantial.

We have noticed national companies like the benefits of warehouse space for storage of inventory or alternate office locations. Though some of these same businesses will lease at much larger dollar figures to obtain a retail type office environment for their client/customer traffic. These clients also choose to lease warehouse spaces as well due to price savings.

Warehouse space typically leases at a rate per Square Foot and is charged at a monthly rate.

You can lease retail space from us at Sturgeon Business Park., but if you’d to consider your options on leasing a warehouse, please look at Blue Mound Business Park, or look up Ron Sturgeonproperties on our RDS Real Estate website.

Contact Jim Eaton at 817.903.9438 for more info.

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