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Rooms made extraordinary for stylists

Salon and Spa Galleria at Grapevine and Arlington are spas designed with individual private rooms that the owner stylist, makeup artist, nail artist, massage therapist, esthetician, tanning expert, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. can choose, equip, decorate and run their business within as they see fit.  The salon industry appeals to the person with the desire to serve people.


The hair care professional by heart is an independent soul who sooner or later realizes they should be running their own business. RDS Real Estate makes it possible to happen sooner rather than later. The makeup artist management and their time is so much more efficient that the makeup artist agency can send more jobs and the ability for the roaming professional to lease rooms by the day, week and month allows the flexibility to stretch. Call now for an appointment.

Salon business presented your way

Present your own salon business your way, not someone else’s. Show your uniqueness as you decorate and equip your new choice of Salon and Spa Galleria studios. If you are retro, then go totally retro in your approach, if you are old fashioned, style a Gibson girl studio, if you are futuristic, let your imagination soar at the possibilities for your small business ownership décor.


The very happy tenants at these spas are indicative of the degree of success in their stylist careers. If you are ready to shake things up for yourself, then call RDS Real Estate for a tour of the spas, choose  a suite salon from among the available rooms, meet with the staff at the spa and the owner at RDS Real Estate for your custom lease package and business assistance.

Picture your salon ownership at a spa

Picture your salon ownership at a spa where you are among the wellness and beauty professionals who have chosen these mini  beauty salons for rent and to showcase their talents and their business style. You are never alone, yet your space is private, making for the best case scenario when running your business. Your clients will appreciate your decision not to go with booth rental and instead to provide them with privacy and luxury.


If you are looking at a booth rental agreement, make sure to exercise your options by first meeting with the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate. Private studio rooms are about equal with the rates of booths, but a world apart in real time use. Call now and consider Salon and Spa Galleria as the home for your business.

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