Retail space for rent in Keller is available. That’s the good news we have for you.  Whether it is the perfect match for your needs is another matter altogether. Contact us at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, and matching your needs to available commercial property for rent is our job.

And we do that job well!

Why retail space for rent in Keller?

Keller is a city of approximately 46,000 people and yes, there is retail lease space available in a city of that size.  If it’s there we will find it, but before we hitch the horses to that particular wagon, let’s look at your reasons for Keller in particular.  Why Keller?  Because you live there?  Quite frankly, that may not be a great reason for locating a business there.  The location of any business is closely related to the nature of that business, and whether enough customers exist in a particular location to support a particular business.  Is your business a convenience store?  If so yes, Keller can definitely support such an undertaking.  Is it a furniture store?  Now we need some market research.  How many furniture stores already exist in Keller, and can Keller support another one?

The point is this:  Keller may, or may not be, the place for your retail store.  Only an exhaustive market research campaign can determine if Keller can support the type of business you plan on opening, and we can provide that information for you. It may be advisable to consider another city for your business, one close to Keller but one with a much better chance of success.  So let’s consider where that might be.

Retail space for rent Haltom City, perhaps?

Or retail space for rent Grapevine, or retail space for rent in Southlake?

Or, and we strongly recommend this next suggestion, retail space for rent Fort Worth, and in particular unincorporated North Fort Worth in the Alliance Area.  Five miles down the road from Keller is the fastest growing commercial area in Tarrant County, the Alliance Area.  We are talking about tens of thousands of new residents. We are talking about the kind of growth which will support a business for decades to come, but we are also talking about an area where prices and options are available which are not available in other areas of Tarrant County.

It’s worth taking a look at.

And in particular it is worth taking a look at Box Office Warehouse Suites, a unique, funky business park in the Fort Worth Design District, with retail space for lease starting at $875 per month, an unheard of price for a retail space in a blossoming area.  This is the perfect place and the perfect opportunity for a small business looking for retail lease space at a reasonable cost.

Just some random suggestions for you to consider.  We can make more specific recommendations after we talk to you and find out about your particular business. Contact us today and let’s get started on finding a home for your new retail business.  We are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, and we would love to help you succeed.