Retail space for lease in Southlake is most definitely available.  Any city which boasts the Southlake Town Square, one of the most popular shopping experiences in the DFW Megaplex, will have retail space for rent.

But will it be the retail space for lease that you need and that you can afford?

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Retail space for lease in a popular area

Yes, the Southlake Town Square is a popular shopping destination, and that is great for the City of Southlake, but there is a flip-side to that good economic news: popularity, in commercial real estate, means higher leasing rates.  Since the expansion of the Town Square in 2006, commercial real estate prices have steadily increased, which leads us to an obvious question: can you afford retail lease space in Southlake, or should you look elsewhere?

Only you can answer that question, but it’s a question which must be answered.  Let’s play a short economic game to illustrate what we are talking about.  Let’s say you find retail space for lease in Southlake, but it costs $1000 more per month than comparable retail space for lease Grapevine, or retail space for lease Fort Worth.  How long would it take you to make up that extra cost, estimating sales in Southlake compared to sales in Grapevine or Fort Worth? That may be a hard question to answer, but an answer to it is crucial for your business survival.

We are, in no way, trying to discourage you from renting retail space for rent in Southlake. We are, however, doing what we always do with our customers, and that is force them to look at all angles and options available to them.  To do less would be beneath us and we simply will not do that.

The nature of your business affects location of retail lease space

Where are your customers located? Are they liable to be in Southlake, or more liable to be in Grapevine, Arlington, Fort Worth, or Mansfield.  You need to know this before you lease commercial property for rent Southlake or any other location.  You may own a fabric store which will not do well in Southlake, but which will do quite well in the Alliance Area.  A good market researcher can give you the information you need regarding your prospective customers.  The Better Business Bureau will also have that information, as will the Chamber of Commerce in each city you consider.

Monkey wrench after monkey wrench .  . . we know it appears we are complicating matters, but renting retail lease space is a huge transaction for any business, and we want you informed before you make that decision.

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