Here is the good news regarding retail lease space in Southlake: it is readily available.  The flip-side to that news is this: it is expensive!  The decision facing you, a business owner, is this: is retail space for rent in Southlake worth the extra cost?

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Cost vs Sales for retail space for lease

The Southlake Town Square is one of the most popular shopping destinations in all of Tarrant County. It has been at the top of the shopping list since it expanded in 2006.  It is a great place to find practically any retail item you seek.  Property values are high, the average earnings of Southlake residents is high, and it is a very healthy economy.  All of these things are huge pluses for any retail business.

But the laws of Supply and Demand come into play at this point, and those laws say that the more in-demand a property is, the higher its cost will be.  Retail lease space in Southlake is higher than, say, retail lease space Colleyville, or Grapevine retail lease space, two neighboring cities.  Only you, the business owner, can decide if the increased sales garnered in a popular shopping destination will off-set the higher leasing costs.  We mention all this for one reason only:  it might behoove you to check out alternative locations for your retail business.

Retail space for rent in Grapevine

Retail space for rent Grapevine is not as expensive as in Southlake, all things being equal.  A property like the one found at 3549 Grapevine Mills Pkwy, 10,000 square feet of prime retail property, most likely will not cost as much as comparable retail space for rent in Southlake.  Five miles separate the two options, but those five miles might mean as much as $500-$1000 per month difference in leasing price.

And that kind of disparity in price must be considered.

The same is true of retail lease space Fort Worth, and in particular in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.  At this time, the Alliance Area may not have the sales volume of Southlake, but it is the fastest growing commercial area in Tarrant County, which means you can lease now at a low cost and watch as commercial activity skyrockets in the coming years.

So much to consider!

This is what we do at RDS Real Estate.  We offer options.  We know Tarrant County like we know an old friend, and we know where the best values are located.  Working with RDS Real Estate is like having another business partner, a business partner who is looking out for your best interests. We won’t rest until we find the perfect retail lease space for you, and that’s a promise we intend to keep.

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