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Before you begin searching for retail lease space, know that there are a few restrictions which will directly  affect what your business can, and cannot do, in any location.  Our goal is to point out those restrictions in this article so you are armed with the information you need to make an informed decision/choice on retail space for lease.

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And, with that out of the way, let’s talk about retail lease space restrictions.

Retail lease space zoning.

A basic understanding and minimal research will disclose what any particular area is zoned for.  This is a game-changer, or deal-breaker, whatever you want to call it.  If the area is zoned for your particular types of business, great; if not, move on to the next property on your list immediately.  Having zoning laws changed is simply not worth the effort it will take.

Your real estate agent, or your real estate lawyer, should have this information at their fingertips. If not, the city planning commission will certainly be able to tell you about the zoning.

Certificate of Occupancy.

A certificate of occupancy is a document that confirms that a building is in compliance with local laws and safe to live in.  Laws regarding such a document change from area to area, meaning this may, or may not, be a requirement in the city you live in.  In addition, if the property in question is outside of city limits, it may not require a Certificate of Occupancy, which would mean much less red tape if you were to lease that property.

Again, this is a simple matter to resolve.  Simply check local real estate codes and, again, the real estate agent or a decent real estate lawyer, will be able to counsel you on this restriction.

Signage restrictions and lease restrictions.

Signage restrictions are local ordinances which set a limit on the number of signs a business may have, the size of signs, the distance from the road where signs are placed, and the types of signs.  Obviously, as a business owner, you will want this information sooner rather than later.

And then, of course, you need to know what restrictions are written into the lease regarding your use of a landlord’s property. Who is responsible for upkeep? For repairs? For grounds maintenance?

One other note: a retail business needs parking for customers.  Are there any restrictions about the number of customers who can park in your area, which would definitely come into play in a strip mall location. Are there enough parking spaces for your customers in the immediate area?

All of the restrictions/concerns mentioned above are commonplace, and all are easily learned with a few phone calls.  Our goal, with this article, is to make you aware of pitfalls before you sign a binding lease.

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