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Retail lease space comes in all shapes and sizes

This is an important statement, so pay close attention.  If you can dream it in commercial property for rent, we can find it in Tarrant County . . . maybe not Mansfield in particular, but close enough for horseshoes, to borrow an old country saying.  Retail space comes in 320 square foot spaces, and it comes in 10,000 square foot spaces.  It comes in strip malls and it comes in major shopping malls, as well as stand-alone locations and redecorated and retrofitted homes.  It comes in rectangular shapes, squared, and circular shapes.  It comes on major highways and off-the-beaten-path locations.

All of which is to say you really have no limitations regarding retail space for lease.  Your job is to dream and then list the features of your dream.  Our job is to take that list and make it happen.   If we do our job correctly you will be happy for years to come in your new retail lease properties.

And we always do our job correctly!

An important factor regarding retail space for rent

The important factor which must be discussed is location.  The location of your retail space, ideally, is a location where the maximum number of people will flow by during their daily activities.  You want visual exposure for your business. Unless your retail business is one of a kind, so unique as to stand alone in the commercial road so distinct that people will drive out of their way to visit it, you will want traffic flow. Is that optimum traffic flow in Mansfield, or is it in some other location?

Consider this about the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth:

  • Minutes from dining & shopping at Alliance Town Center & Presido Junction
  • One of the fastest growing area in the DFW Metroplex
  • 50,000 households within five miles
  • Average household income of $100,849
  • Total population within 3 miles of 47,417
  • 14,609 households within 3 miles.

Is the traffic flow in the Alliance Area the top traffic flow in Tarrant County?  No! Will it be in a year or two?  Most definitely!  Area planners and traffic coordinators are already aware of that fact, and now you are as well.  Plan for the future and consider the Alliance Area.

But perhaps you just have your heart set on retail lease space Mansfield, and that’s all right. We can find it for you, no problem, and we will do so in a friendly and supportive manner.

About RDS Real Estate

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