We can find retail lease space in Keller for you.  We are RDS Real Estate, and our number is (817) 439-3224. Contact us and let’s get you into the perfect retail lease space for your business.

Are you a small business looking for retail lease space?

If so, you are reading the right article. We specialize in multi-use commercial properties for small-to-medium businesses in Tarrant County.

How small?

At Box Office Warehouse Suites, in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, we have retail space for lease as small as 320 square feet, the perfect size for a home-based business looking to move into a public space.

How large?

In Grapevine, we can show you retail space for lease at 3549 Grapevine Mills Parkway with up to 10,000 square feet near the Mall in a highly visible location.

But why are we telling you about those properties? You asked about Keller.  Because, as we mentioned earlier, our goal is to find the absolute best location for your business and there are times when Keller will not have the retail lease you truly need.

We do things a little bit differently at RDS Real Estate.  To clarify that statement, let’s play with a pretend scenario.

Looking for retail space for lease

You give us a call and tell us you are interested in retail lease space Keller. We invite you to stop by our office for a chat.  You show up and we ask you to tell us a little bit about your business. We do this because certain areas in Tarrant County are better for certain businesses, so we need to know the nature of your business. We then ask you about Keller, and why it is you want Keller instead of a retail lease space Grapevine, or a retail lease space Haltom City.

We will then do a search of our over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property for rent to find the perfect match for your needs.  That search will spit out several great considerations, and we will talk to you about them and show them to you if you are interested.

And it will all culminate in your finding exactly what you need, and we all go home happy.

If that all sounds too simple well, we can’t help it. To us it is that simple. We take the emotional part of the search out of the equation and simply concentrate on matching needs with availability.  Our goal is to make your business a success, just as it is your goal.  We work together, with our customers, as a team, and we have done this successfully for years.  Ask around!  Ask among the business community in Tarrant County.  Ask business leaders what they think of RDS Real Estate and our owner, Ron Sturgeon.  We are willing to bet on their recommendations.

Contact us today!  Let’s get you into a retail lease space Keller, or a retail lease space Tarrant County which is perfect for you.  The ultimate goal is your success, and we can help you attain that goal.