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If you have sat around for months, or years, wishing you could afford retail lease space, but convincing yourself that you couldn’t, this article just might change your mind. We are RDS Real Estate, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality and affordable commercial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 and tell us what you want.  Chances are excellent that we have it.

Now, though, let’s look at a couple ideas you can afford for retail space for lease.

Get creative and shun the traditional

Allow us to share one example of creativity regarding retail space for rent.  In the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, in a business enclave known as the Fort Worth Design District, there sits a business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, which is made up of commercial property for lease built entirely from refurbished shipping containers. Each space is 320 square feet in size. Each costs $875 per month.  Small, affordable, creative, and far below the market average in downtown Fort Worth.

Check your area? Are there any creative ideas being used by construction firms or business parks in your city?  This might be the solution to your problem.

Pay attention to the growth in your area

Which direction is your city growing? Look at the trends. Where will the commercial  hotspot be in five years?  Are businesses moving out of the downtown area? If so, where are they going? If you can accurately predict the future, you may find retail lease space in an area which is not yet expensive. Strike while the iron is luke warm and before it get hots, to borrow from an old cattle-branding saying.

Rent as a team

This approach is becoming more and more popular.  Rent a retail space with another business, partition that retail space off into two separate entities, and you share the rent and utilities with that other business.  We are seeing more and more of this type of creative solution in tourist towns, where two shop owners find it very affordable.  It also works well with two businesses which compliment each other, like a title company and a loan company.

Check zoning laws

What about a retail shop in an area which has no retail shops?  Let’s say you could rent a garage for rent for a lower price than a tradition retail lease space, and then you convert that garage into a retail space?  It is entirely possible you could save money taking this approach.  We have even seen people lease single-family homes, make a few improvements, and open up a small business in the home.  If the zoning laws allow it, and the property owner allows it, why not?

Call RDS Real Estate

Don’t be so quick to throw up your hands and decide you can’t afford retail lease space in your city.  RDS Real Estate is showing creative solutions to business owners in Fort Worth every single day. Call us and tell us what your vision is.  We just might be able to make your vision a creative reality, but there’s no way to find that out if you don’t call us!  RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, just a bunch of Texans looking out for our business neighbor.