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Looking for a Retail Lease Arlington?

Arlington Retailers Prepare for Visitors and Increased Sales

Business is booming in Tarrant County, and the Arlington commercial real estate market is no exception. Arlington hosts some of the best local attractions and events available anywhere in DFW, and that has led to a boom in the hospitality industry.

As Arlington prepares for Super Bowl XLV, demand for Arlington retail space for rent will increase. Hotels, restaurants and other retailers are gearing up for the influx of visitors, and that will mean more dollars in the pockets of local businesses.

The local economic boom isn’t waiting for the Super Bowl, however. Fort Worth had its highest first quarter occupancy rates in a long time this year, and has remained above the national average. Arlington, too, has seen a rise in the number of visitors, and the busy summer season promises even more.

Take Advantage of the Rebounding Economy With a New Location. RDS Real Estate Can Help!

What this increase in traffic means for local retailers is better business times are here! If you’ve been thinking about renting or buying commercial property in Arlington, now is the time to do it.  Commercial property in Arlington has never been more affordable. Let RDS Real Estate help you find the best Arlington retail space for rent at a price you can afford. Whether you need to rent office space in Arlington or want industrial land for sale in Arlington, RDS Real Estate has the site for you.

Perhaps your business isn’t directly related to the hospitality industry. That’s no problem for RDS Real Estate. We have room in the Sturgeon Industrial Park that will fit your business. This property is close to DFW and Alliance Airports, as well as Love Field and the Arlington Municipal Airport. Zoned “industrial manufacturing,” this property can be used for warehousing and distributing your goods.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy or lease, RDS Real Estate can help.  We have a warehouse for sale in Arlington, as well as an Arlington warehouse for rent.

Maybe you need a garage for rent in Arlington.  RDS Real Estate can help you find the garage for rent in Arlington that fits your business needs.  If you are looking for shop space, RDS Real Estate has a shop for rent in Arlington that’s right for you.

Whether you need office space in Arlington, industrial property in Mansfield, an industrial warehouse in Mansfield, a shop for rent in Mansfield or warehouse units in Fort Worth, RDS Real Estate has the place for you. Contact RDS Real Estate for more information.

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