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Rental Space for Automotive Businesses

We Welcome Auto Shops

Let’s face it—just about everything to do with cars can get messy. And there are plenty of landlords who are happy to rent space to just about every sort of entrepreneur—except the sorts of entrepreneurs who happen to be in the auto business.

We don’t think that way. In fact, we’re looking to fill our shop space for rent in Dallas and our shop space for rent in Fort Worth with just that:

  • Collision repair shops
  • Auto paint shops
  • Auto sales
  • Muffler shops
  • Auto garages
  • Automotive electrical

Why? That has a lot to do with how the head of RDS Real Estate, Ron Sturgeon, got his start. Ron has been involved in the auto business in one way or another for his entire professional life—whether it be in the auto salvage business, where he got his start, or in the auto rental business, where he runs a successful operation today.

That’s why Ron doesn’t shy away from renting to the entrepreneur who wants to open an automotive shop. If you’re looking to open an auto shop in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Ron’s the man to talk to!

Put Your Auto Repair, Auto Parts Or Automobile Service Shop Where The Growth Is!

RDS Real Estate has a variety of commercial property options for entrepreneurs who are in, or looking to get into, the auto business. Many RDS properties are in one of the fastest-growing areas in North Texas—the area near Alliance Airport, including the communities of north Ft. Worth, Keller, Haslet and Blue Mound. They’re still building houses up that way—and people are still moving in!

If you’re looking for someone who’s got the rent shop in Fort Worth you’re looking for—and who wants to see auto businesses in Dallas Fort Worth succeed—you’ve found him! Get in touch with Ron Sturgeon today and let him help you find the shop for rent in Dallas Fort Worth that’s right for you.

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