Here at RDS Real Estate we are the best choice in the DFW area for all of the best that there is in a retail lease so that any one can start a new business or build on to one that they have. We have property for lease all over the DFW area in places like Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth and so much more so that you will be able to find what you are wanting in the area that you like. Our leasing managers will show you the rental lease and the property lease that we have any time that you would like so that you have an opportunity to get your company going. There are options to rent lease our properties and if you are interested in purchasing a property then you can also use us if you would like. The rental in Grapevine that we have is located next to a major high way and it is also close to the mall as well and that will bring in new clients. If you do decide that you are wanting to rent space at one of our locations you will have to fill out a rental application and then we would be able to move on. In order to get any info that you want or need on a property you should contact a leasing manager so that they can set up a day and time to meet with you. They will set aside time to show you the property that you are interested in and you can also come by our office in Fort Worth. We are located just out side of the down town area so that we are easy to get to for all of our clients. Come see us today to get started as soon as possible.