If you want to rent shop in Tarrant County, plan on packing a lunch.  It’s going to be many hours online doing Google searches, because Tarrant County is BIG!  Our suggestion: contact us at RDS Real Estate.  Our number is (817) 349-3224.  Finding industrial property to rent is our job, and we do it well.

Narrow it down: where in Tarrant County is the best shop for rent?

It’s a tricky question, quite frankly.  The best shop for rent? Best for whom?  A shop for rent Grapevine might be perfect for one particular electrician, but not perfect for you.  A shop for rent Fort Worth could be absolutely perfect for Ted the plumber, but not perfect for you.  Just saying Tarrant County does no good whatsoever.  Tarrant County is Grapevine, it is Fort Worth, and it is Arlington, Mansfield, Saginaw, and Haltom City.  Toss in about twenty other cities while you’re at it, and the bottom line is this: it is crucial to find a shop space for rent which is right for you . . . not for some other company, but for your company.

And how do we go about determining which city is right for you?

You sit down with the pros at RDS Real Estate!  We ask you questions. We get a feel  for you and the nature of your business.  We call upon our years of experience in this business, and our vast knowledge of the economic trends in Tarrant County, and then we make recommendations to you.

If it seems like we are simplifying the process, it’s because we are.  This is what we do, and we do it in Tarrant County.  We would not be in business this long, and we would not be so highly respected, if we did not do our jobs well.

So finding a shop for rent in Tarrant County which matches your specific needs is a walk in the park for our dedicated pros.

Great deals on a shop for rent

We can tell you this right now: for a great deal on a shop for rent, for a small business, our suggestion is Box Office Warehouse Suites.  Hands down that is probably the best real estate opportunity for a small business.  Shops for rent starting at 320 square feet and $875 per month, and located in the Alliance Area, the fastest growing commercial area in the State of Texas . . . opportunities like Box Office Warehouse Suites don’t come along very often.  Check it out on the drone tour on YouTube.  We think you’ll be blown away by what you see.

But it’s entirely possible Box Office Warehouse Suites will not fit your needs.  No problem!  We will find what you need.  We will find a shop with bay doors, if that’s what you want. We will find a shop with the proper wiring, and we will find a shop with a loading dock and adequate storage space, in the Alliance Area of Mansfield, Haltom City, or wherever.

And we make that claim because we are RDS Real Estate, and matching properties to companies is what we do.

Call us today!

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