Before you attempt to rent shop in Irving, read this article and then call us at (817) 439-3224.  We are RDS Real Estate, and our job is to make sure you end up in the perfect shop for rent.

In this article we are going to talk about three important topics: the location of the shop for rent, the size of that shop for rent, and the specifics of that shop for rent.

Location of industrial property for rent is crucial

Is it in your best interests to rent shop in Irving? That is the question which must be answered first, and any industrial real estate expert will tell you so.  The only way to answer that question is by doing market research.  Good real estate brokers will have that information at their fingertips.   A good broker will tell you if Irving is right for you, or if you should perhaps look to rent shop Arlington, or rent shop Mansfield.  A good real estate broker will be able to tell you where economic growth is happening in Tarrant County, and which areas are showing stagnant growth.  You may be in love with Irving when in fact your best business move would be to rent shop Fort Worth.

How large a shop do you need?

For sure you can answer that question.  For sure you have considered it, done your computations, and determined the square footage you will need.

But have you considered the future growth of your business?  Shop space for rent which meets your 2019 needs will not necessarily meet your 2025 needs.  It’s a tough call, trying to determine future business growth, but not as tough as having to move your business in five years because you didn’t plan for the future.

A wish list for your shop rental

Pretend this is Christmas and dreams really do come true.  You need to be happy.  You need a very detailed list of features in your future shop which will make you as happy as a kind on Christmas morning.  Not all shops are the same.  Not all shops are a good match for your business. Our recommendation: make a list and stick to it. What you want DOES exist.  It is not up to you to give up on your dreams; it is up to the real estate broker to make your dreams come true.  Maybe those dreams will not come true in Irving, but they will come true in Tarrant County, and really that’s all that should be important.

We are RDS Real Estate, and we have over one-million square feet of multi-use industrial properties for lease Tarrant County.

What does multi-use mean?  It means many of our properties can be used for different purposes . . . a shop, a garage, a warehouse, even a retail space.  We have properties in a business park called Box Office Warehouse Suites in North Fort Worth which can be transformed into anything you want, and that is about as futuristic as you will find in industrial real estate.

Contact us today! We can make this happen for you.