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For those looking to rent office space, we have a suggestion which will save you headaches in the future: keep the future in sight!  Of course you can’t predict the future, but you can at least plan for it.  Call us at (817) 439-3224 for more information about commercial real estate.  We are RDS Real Estate, in Fort Worth, and we have a solid track record in commercial real estate in the past, the present and, yes, the future!

Take today’s needs in office space and add to them

In the business world it is called a projection.  You take the past and surmise a projection of future sales based on sales averages, trends, economic outlooks, etc.  The key point to understand is that sales for your company will not remain the same from one year to the next. They never do.

Now let’s assume you are an optimist, but a guarded one.  Let’s assume you are projecting future growth for your company of ten percent per annum for the next five years.  What does that ten percent increase mean to your needs for office space?  Today you need one office and a reception area.  Will you need two offices in two years? Will you need a small warehouse to handle excess inventory? Will you need to be in a different part of the city because of economic trends?

In other words, what is true today will not necessarily be true tomorrow, and headaches are limited for those business owners who realize that fact.

Office space for rent which allows for growth

Yes, commercial property for lease value is based on square footage and yes, if you rent a slightly larger office space for lease than you need today, you will be paying more than you have to, but . . .

How much does it cost you to move your business to another office, which is what you will need to do if your company is wildly successful in two years?  Perhaps a 200 square foot office is perfect today, but a 400 square foot office will be needed in three years.  Do you really want to move everything again in three years? Wouldn’t it be worth it to pay a little extra now?

No, we are not trying to sell up!

Unless you are reading this article in Fort Worth, we really don’t have a horse in this race. We are simply trying to share our experience with you. Far too often we have seen business owners rent for the present and then rent again in a couple years because they forgot about the future, so our only message here is to plan ahead.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas, one of the leading commercial real estate companies with over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial property for rent.  Our latest additions are Box Office Warehouse Suites and Paddock Place Office Suites, both in the Fort Worth Design District of unincorporated north Fort Worth.  Contact us with a call if we can be of any assistance to you.