If you would like to rent office space in Southlake, we can certainly help.  “We” are RDS Real Estate, our number is (817) 439-3224, and we invite you to call us sooner rather than later.  Tarrant County is our “playground,” and we would love to help you find that office space to rent.

Why sooner rather than later to rent office space?

The answer to that question lies in your desire to rent in Southlake.  If there is office space available in Southlake at this time, it will not be available for long. Southlake, Texas, is primarily a residential city.  Yes, it does have commercial property for rent, but it does not have an abundance of it.  That is why the sooner you contact us the better in attempting to snatch up what office space for lease there is in Southlake.

The inherent problem with a lack of office space to rent

Low supply of any commercial property for rent is not an optimum situation for a person looking to rent.  Low supply usually means higher leasing prices.  Low supply almost always means a significant lack of choices and options available.  Low supply often means the lessee will come away slightly disappointed in the choices available.

The obvious answer, then,  is to expand your search parameters for an office rental.

The obvious answer, then, is to look to rent office space outside of Southlake.

Answer this question: why do you want to rent, specifically, in Southlake? There are only a couple answers to that question which make sense. Either you have a business which is Southlake-specific, and we can’t think of what that might be, or you have some emotional attachment to Southlake, and emotions should never play a part in renting commercial property.

Our suggestion: start looking at office space to rent Grapevine, or office space to rent Keller.  We would also highly suggest you take a look at office space to rent Fort Worth, where, in our professional opinion, some of the best real estate values in Tarrant County exist.

But it’s too far to drive, you say!

And we say “show us the money!”  What does it break down to in dollars in cents? Driving to and fro to the office in, say, the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth, from your home in Southlake, may take you twenty minutes to accomplish, but you will be driving to an office space situated in the fastest-growing commercial area in the State of Texas.  And speaking of dollars and cents, we know of office space for lease, in the Alliance Area, which is currently renting for $875 per month, and I’m sure you will agree that office space, at Box Office Warehouse Suites, is at a great price.

Hmmm,  a great price in the fastest growing commercial area in Texas . . . what’s not to love about that?

Contact us today!  RDS Real Estate is the name.  We will help you find office space to rent Southlake if that is truly what you want, but we will also give you some great alternatives to consider.  That is, after all, what a good commercial real estate firm should do.