In order to rent office space in Saginaw, or any other location for that matter, you must pay close attention to three distinct needs: the needs of management, the need of employees, and the needs of the business.  Let’s explore all three and then we invite you to call us at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, and we can help you find the office space for lease that fits those needs.

Management needs when leasing office space

The average amount of space management in the U.S. needs is about 200 square feet.  Mind you, that is an average figure, taking into account offices used by small, one-man businesses and large corporations.  Your situation is unique to you, so sit down and map out exactly what you need in space for your office.  It is better to error on the large side rather than the small.  You do not want to be moving again in five years, so plan on growth.

Employee needs when leasing office space

Again, using an average figure, each employee needs about 100 square feet.  That is basically a ten-by-ten office, or a ten-by-ten reception area if you only have one employee who serves as a receptionist.  In addition, consider other needs like a break room for multiple-employees,  rest rooms, parking spaces, etc.

Business needs when leasing office space

Will the business need a conference room?  Will it need a display room to show merchandise and other promotional material?  And what about location?  Is office space for lease Grapevine better than office space for lease Saginaw? How about office space to rent Fort WorthOffice space to rent Haltom City?

Location may well be the most important decision you will make when leasing office space, so choose location wisely.  Talk with your leasing agent about location. They should have market statistics which can help you in determining which part of Tarrant County is best for your business.  This article highlights “rent office space Saginaw,” but is Saginaw, in fact, the best location for your particular business?

And what type of building should your office be in? There are several types to choose from. There are classic office buildings.  There are offices in lofts above other businesses. There are office in strip malls, and there are offices in stand-alone locations. There are even offices in coworking spaces which you only lease by the month rather than by the year.  Which is better for your company?

You do not have to go it alone.  The pros at RDS Real Estate have been down this road before with other business owners. We can supply market research which will help you. We can share our experience and field the multiple questions you are sure to have.  We can walk you through the entire leasing process, and we do it patiently and professionally.  We are locally owned and operated,  meaning we are neighbors in Tarrant County, meaning we benefit as a community when your business is successful.

Contact us today . . . RDS Real Estate . . . we make leasing office space easy and painless.