This article is supposed to be for anyone who wants to rent office space in Grapevine.  It is for those people, but it’s main intent is to encourage all of you to consider office space somewhere other than Grapevine.

No, we have nothing against the City of Grapevine.  Many of us have worked there in the past.  Many of us have lived there at one time or another.  Our company, RDS Real Estate, has many properties in the City of Grapevine, so obviously we have a vested interest in that city.

The best office space to rent in Tarrant County

It’s just that we think there are better office space opportunities in the Fort Worth Design District, so that’s what we will talk to you about today.  If you have any questions, call us at (817) 439-3224. We are RDS Real Estate, and we know commercial real estate in Tarrant County like the back of our hand.

What’s wrong with offices for rent in Grapevine?  Absolutely nothing!  There is some great office space for lease in Grapevine at this very moment.  But we are assuming that you want the very best office space to rent, and at this moment in time, in Tarrant County, there is no better office space to rent than in the Fort Worth Design District located in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.

Is it a bit of a drive? Yes, for you it is, if you are located in Grapevine, but for customers . . . well, let’s put it this way . . . the Alliance Area is the fastest-growing commercial and industrial area in the Dallas/Fort Worth Megaplex.  Customers have obviously found the Alliance Area already. The business is there.  The heartbeat of Tarrant County business is there. Which leaves one obvious question: don’t you think you should be there too?

Leasing office space in the Fort Worth Design District

You might as well rent office space in the heart of Tarrant County commerce.

We have two recommendations: Box Office Warehouse Suites and Paddock Place Office Suites.

Box Office Warehouse Suites offers office space for the small company owner.  Offices start at 320 square feet and $875 per month, a very doable rental price in one of the most creative settings you’ll ever see. That’s all we’re going to tell you about it, other than to suggest you check out the YouTube drone video of Box Office Warehouse Suites.  You won’t be disappointed.

Paddock Place Coworking Space offers short-term office leasing, a month at a time, in a coworking environment.  The atmosphere and ambiance is perfect, and the rates are quite reasonable for businesses with a small operating budget.

Two office space solutions; neither in Grapevine; but both must-sees if what you are after is success.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Tarrant County.  With over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties, we can help you to rent office space in Grapevine or any other city in Tarrant County. Contact us today!