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If you are in the market to rent office space Fort Worth, you already know that office space to rent Fort Worth is easily found, but also that it is costly to the extreme.  If you are the owner of a small business, with the small operating budget that goes with it, you probably think you will never be able to afford leasing office space in the Fort Worth area.

You would be wrong in that thinking. We are RDS Real Estate, and we have two suggestions you should consider. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information after you read this article. We have the solution to your office space problems.

Paddock Place Office Suites

Perhaps you can’t afford to rent an office on a full-time basis. Perhaps you have such a small operating budget that the cost of a yearly lease is beyond you at this time.  Or perhaps you are a home-based business owner, and you want to expand into a professional space, but you simply can’t afford the associated costs at this time.  You are not alone.

Paddock Place Office Suites was built specifically with those of you in mind.  Paddock Place offers coworking spaces on a month-to-month basis, thus cutting your costs considerably. At Paddock Place, you rent one month at a time, with prices starting at $450 per month, and that monthly price includes utilities and WiFi.  You lay down your $450, take over a private office the next day, and you are set up for business.  It really is just that simple.  You will have your own maibox drop at Paddock Place.  You will be located in the Alliance Area, specifically in the Fort Worth Design District, an enclave of funk and forward-thinking businesses, the fastest growing commercial and industrial area in all of Tarrant County.

And all of that for only $450 per month, no long-term leases to crush your budget.

Box Office Warehouse Suites

Maybe you are a step above the coworking space solution. Perhaps you want a full-time office space for lease, but so far your search has netted offices priced far beyond your budget. Welcome to Box Office Warehouse Suites, with office space for rent starting at $875 per month.  We are quite confident you will not find a better price for office space in Fort Worth, especially when you consider that Box Office Warehouse Suites is also located in the Alliance Area.

Many of these offices have balconies.  There are electric car charging stations there, and for dog lovers, you will also find the Golden Triangle Dog Park located within the Fort Worth Design District.

A word about RDS Real Estate

We are locally owned and operated. We are highly-respected, and trusted, within the Fort Worth business community. When we tell you we can find what you need, at a price you can afford, you can take that assurance “to the bank.”  We wouldn’t be as respected as we are if we didn’t deliver on our word.

Call us today and arrange for a tour of Paddock Place Office Suites and/or Box Office Warehouse Suites.  One phone call and your search for the perfect office space is over.