If your goal is to rent office space in Colleyville, a word of caution: you might have a bit of a problem.  Colleyville is a city of only 23,000 citizens, and that means you have few options to choose from, if any, at any given time in Colleyville.  Your best option, by far, is to remain open-minded and be willing to expand your search.  Give us a call . . . (817) 439-3224 . . . we are RDS Real Estate, and we can answer questions for you and help you find the office space for lease that you want and need.

Leasing office space outside of Colleyville

We do not mean to suggest there is no office space to rent available in Colleyville, but simply that your options are limited.  By expanding your search to neighboring cities you greatly increase your chances of finding the office you are looking for.  Expanding outward to Grapevine and Southlake should net you a few more options to consider.  We would even suggest you expand your parameters to include North Fort Worth.  True, North Fort Worth is fifteen miles from Colleyville, but what is fifteen miles if you find the perfect location for your needs?

It begins with this: what do you want in office space to rent?

Answer this question and you will go a long way towards determining whether Colleyville will be the new home of your business.  If you are seeking a small office, say under 500 square feet, and your operating budget only has $1000 in it for a monthly rent, then chances are pretty good that you will not find such a situation in Colleyville.

And what if you are looking for a coworking situation, renting office space by the month in a cooperative office setting?  What are the chances you will find that in Colleyville?  We can answer that question: your chances are zero!

Location of office space matters!

Nothing against Colleyville, but it is not the heart of commerce in Tarrant County.  In terms of traffic  flow and potential customers, wouldn’t you and your business be better off in a larger city?

We are going to make a suggestion, and it is a suggestion based on our experience in Tarrant County: in our opinion, the best  opportunity for finding the office space you seek is in the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth.  While there, check out Box Office Warehouse Suites and Paddock Place Office Suites, two business parks in the Fort Worth Design District. The Alliance Area is one of the fastest-growing commercial and industrial areas in all of Tarrant County.  It has traffic flow and an influx of new residents.  It has office space for lease for all sizes of businesses.  It has prices under $1000,  and it has a funky, creative atmosphere which we think you will find refreshing.

Again, we have nothing against Colleyville.  It’s a great place to live and to raise a family.  We just don’t think, in our professional opinion, Colleyville offers you enough options for leasing office space.

Contact us today! RDS Real Estate, (817) 439-3224.  We will find what you want in and around Colleyville.