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Why rent office space in Alvarado?

A better question is this: why wouldn’t you rent office space in Alvarado?

In this article, we are going to tell you why we believe Alvarado is the tip of a very successful iceberg, and where, in Alvarado, you should look for an office space to rent.

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Alvarado rent office space vs existing office space

Take a drive through Alvarado and you will instantly note one important fact: office space for lease is at a premium.  In fact, it is almost non-existent, or at least was, until about a month ago.

A month ago, construction began on 917 Industrial Park, and with that construction, industrial and commercial activity exploded.  When 917 Industrial Park is completed, over 700,000 square feet of industrial and commercial property for lease will be available.

Located at 4500-4552 JD Hauser Parkway, 917 Industrial Park is conveniently located just off Highway 287 and I35W, meaning easy access to surrounding communities and a short drive to South Fort Worth.

Rent Office space built for the future, not the present

What do we mean by that statement, leasing office space for the future?  Commerce is favoring the small business in these post-COVID days.  Of course, there will always be monstrous corporations, in need of monstrous buildings, but for the most part, the market is seeing small businesses gain a larger share of the activity, and 917 Industrial Park is being built with small-to-medium businesses in mind . . . and . . . corresponding industrial and commercial buildings to match the smaller sizes of new businesses.

And, since commercial buildings are priced by the square footage, this is very good news for those business owners looking for a new location which is affordable.

Any type of office space you can think of

917 Industrial Park will have units available starting at 1,250 square feet in size, topping off at 20,000 square feet, and everything in-between.  There will, of course, be offices for rent, as well as the ever-popular office warehouse for rent.  Toss in retail space for lease, the always in demand warehouse for rent, shop for rent, garage for rent, and flex space.

It should also be mentioned that this outstanding location is in the county, meaning no Certificate of Occupancy is required, meaning less red tape and fewer regulations/permits, always good news for anyone looking to open a business in a new location.

We hope this article has, at the very least, wetted your appetite to the point where you will want to take a drive out to 917 Industrial Park, to see what all the excitement is about.  Call us and arrange for our leasing agent to give you a tour.

A final word about RDS Real Estate

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