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Property For Lease in Kennedale beyond efficient | RDS Real Estate

Property for lease in Kennedale beyond efficient

See the property for lease in Kennedale that is beyond efficient and beyond average in quality and location. The commercial leasing properties of RDS Real Estate are especially created with the small business owner in mind for their survival and growth. In this day of big business, helping the small business owner is crucial, and that is the goal of RDS Real Estate.


Determine the best space for lease in Kennedale to match your business with the assistance and provision of the RDS Real Estate and its leasing agent. Call for a tour of the available property for lease in Kennedale that matches nicely with your type and size of business and also your goals and aspirations for the short and long term at RDS Real Estate.

Quality commercial real estate in Kennedale

Quality commercial real estate in Kennedale is always RDS Real Estate commercial property, which began as prime property for sale. The owner of RDS Real Estate, Ron Sturgeon, seeks viable prime properties to renovate, refresh and or optimize for the benefit of his leasing clients, pursuing assistance for the growth of their small businesses. Full customization is always an option with the commercial properties of RDS.


Locate in a RDS Real Estate available business rental in Kennedale that is already customized for a quick move in. Your lease package will have plenty of amenities and options for the benefit of growing your healthy business. Each space is like a clean and optimized slate for you to put your customization or finishing touches on. Tour to see your next new prime property for lease in in Kennedale by calling now.

Newer style space for rent in Kennedale

Newer style space for rent in Kennedale may include bright skylights, spiral staircase, apartment, ADA approved restrooms, or other custom features like cabinet build ins and more. If you know what you are looking for in the way of space, bring your desires to the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate. If you don’t know, ask for the advice of the leasing agent for informative help.


An updated office lease in Kennedale can mean the difference between mediocre success and wildly outrageous success, call now to learn all there is about properties by RDS Real Estate. While you’re at the RDS office, take a look at the exotic cars as this is also home of Dallas Car Storage and DFW Drive Your Dream, exotic car rental as well as property for lease in Kennedale. Get ready for excitement, call RDS Real Estate.

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