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Potential business owners choose lease over Salon Agreement | RDS Real Estate

Potential lease not salon agreement

Potential business owners choose the lease agreement over the salon agreement, and the assistance of RDS Real Estate. Their Salon and Spa Galleria is just such a community of ISO Salon Suites with independent minded professionals all running their own businesses as ISO in their private studios. The decision to have a Private Practice is a good one and one that will allow for growth and ambition to carry you to the finish line.


Some professionals still prefer the safety net of employment but you’ll never realize your full potential until you realize that a lease agreement is freeing from the salon agreement and restrictions on everything from the products you use and sell to your earnings and how you serve your clients. Call RDS Real Estate to be welcomed to another possibility.

independent stylist operated salon studios you design

Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios that you design allow for your personality to develop along with your talents.  The stylist business is alive and thriving at Salon and Spa Galleria and it would be fun for you to visit the spa to meet with other professionals who are growing their career in the private studio that shows their personality and style.


While at the spa you can see the available private studio rooms which you can choose from and visualize your career in the environment of the beautiful spa. Learn all about the various custom lease packages available to you and the business builder tools that come with the package. Your salon business can be everything you want it to be with the help of RDS Real Estate. Forget the past and the salon agreement and move forward with your life and your career by calling now.

Independent stylist operated salon suites of choice

Independent Stylist Operated Suites of choice can be any size you like, you can even lease a double suite and run two chairs or share with a friend. There are so many ways to customize in salon ownership and there are so many facets of the salon industry that you have no place to go but up in this rewarding and lucrative career and future.


The hair care professional is one of the most in demand in the industry, but the makeup artist is running close behind and  also relishes being their own artist management. No matter what part of the salon industry you are in, exercise your option over the salon agreement by learning of the lease packages at Salon and Spa Galleria presented by RDS Real Estate.

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