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Owning Versus Renting Commercial Property

Before you Buy you should stop and think about the true cost of owning your own commercial property.

Taxes, Insurance, Repair and maintenance needs are just a few of the factors you should remember to consider which would add additional cost to your mortgage payment. There are always unforeseen occurrences that could cost you a lot of money.

Leasing an industrial property Fort Worth with RDS Real Estate could save you a lot of money. We will furnish a ready warehouse space at a rate that you will be comfortable with. Our property Owner insures that the building is structurally ready for occupancy and will care for most major building repairs like if you get a roof leak. Our insurance coverage will even rebuild your space if their was a fire. Saving you on this type of expence.

So think about the true cost effective advantages as a renter with us at Ron Sturgeon Real Estate.

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