Are you looking for outside storage in Tarrant County?

It’s a big county! May we suggest you narrow your search down to some specific areas, say outside storage Haltom City, or outside storage, Mansfield, or possibly outside storage Saginaw?

We mention those three because it is our experience that those cities have great opportunities available to you, and those opportunities come at great prices, and we know these things because it is our business to know them. We are RDS Real Estate, and finding outside storage Tarrant County is what we do. Call us at (817) 439-3224. We can help you with your search.

What kind of outside storage do you want?

Outside storage, in the industrial real estate business, is somewhat of a confusing term.  Outside storage can be a large lot where you park machinery.  Outside storage can be an unused storage shed, or outside storage can refer to a small warehouse/shop with additional outside storage.  If you talked to the pros at RDS Real Estate, we would ask you to narrow down your search so we know exactly what it is  you think you want, and what it is you definitely need.

Where in Tarrant County do you want this outside storage?

Fort Worth? Arlington? Or perhaps in unincorporated Tarrant County?  Do you need this storage area close to your home, close to an existing business, in a high-traffic area, or a bit more isolated?  Should it be close to 35W, or does it matter how accessible it is? What we are trying to point out is that all outside storage is not the same, and the more specific you get with your instructions to us, the better the chance we can find what you need.

All things being equal, we strongly suggest the Alliance Area of unincorporated North Fort Worth, in a new business neighborhood called the Fort Worth Design District.  We make that suggestion because the Alliance Area is one of the fastest growing commercial areas in Tarrant County, and it also has some of the best values for your buck in industrial property for rent. In that District you will find Box Office Warehouse Suites, Paddock Place Office Suites, and the Golden Triangle Business Park, a great innovative and creative industrial and commercial area where you will find great opportunities for leasing.

But the great opportunities are not limited to the Alliance Area.  In Fort Worth, on Blue Mound Road, you will find these three properties:

[ct-info-grid-three ct_item_title_one=”850 Blue Mound Rd. W 705″ ct_item_link_one=”” ct_item_description_one=”1,200 square foot space has one office at the back of the suite, a restroom and warehouse with one ground level bay door at the front and one at the rear and outside storage.” ct_item_image_one=”23785″ ct_item_title_two=”850 Blue Mound Rd W 702″ ct_item_link_two=”” ct_item_description_two=”1,600 sq. foot warehouse with office and outside storage.” ct_item_image_two=”23851″ ct_item_title_three=”850 Blue Mound Rd W 501″ ct_item_link_three=”” ct_item_description_three=”1,200 sqft warehouse.” ct_item_image_three=”23844″]

All three offer warehouse space with outside storage, great opportunities for small businesses looking for larger space upon which to grow a business.

The bottom line is this: whatever it is you want in commercial property for rent, or industrial property for rent, you will find at RDS Real Estate. Outside storage Tarrant County is no problem for us.  We are in the business of making dreams reality.  Contact us and put us to work for you!  Our number, again, is (817) 439-3224, and the name to remember is RDS Real Estate.