Commercial Property For RentThere are outside storage options to consider in the Fort Worth area, and RDS Real Estate can help you do that.

The phrase “outside storage Fort Worth” is a bit overpowering, don’t you think?  And it’s a bit misleading, quite frankly.  An article about outside storage Fort Worth could be about a vacant lot behind grandma’s house.  It could be about spare acreage behind Uncle Jed’s barn.

We will assume you are interested in neither of those options, so we have a couple things for you to consider.  Read this article, consider the options, and call us at (817) 439-3224 to talk to a real-live commercial real estate agent about your own unique needs in outside storage.

Here are some things to consider about outside storage

How secure is the outside storage?

No matter what you want that storage for, you want it to be secure. Whether you are using it to park excess heavy machinery, or you are a landscape company and you need an area to store your railroad ties and landscape rocks, you want to know that thieves cannot access your inventory and abscond with it.  So secure storage is important for any commercial property for rent you are looking at.

Accessibility is another important factor for any industrial property for rent.

If you cannot easily access the property you are renting, what good is it to you?  Not only should it be on, or close, to a major arterial or highway, but it should also be accessible, to you, at all hours of the day and night.  Put those two requirements together, security and accessibility, and you narrow the list of possibilities considerably.

And then toss in affordability and you have a very short list to look at.

We have several places for you to consider.  You can go the mini-storage route, like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, which certainly offers security, which certainly offers accessibility, and which is certain affordable.  You can look to the hottest commercial area in all of Tarrant County, namely the Alliance Area, an area in unincorporated Fort Worth where certificates of occupancy are not required.  In the Alliance Area is the Fort Worth Design District, offering places like Box Office Warehouse Suites, Paddock Place Office Suites, and Golden Triangle Business Park.  For sure you can find outside storage in that area for a price you can afford, and you will be smack dab in the middle of the hottest commercial and industrial area in all of Tarrant County.

So you have options, options available if you give us a call today.

About RDS Real Estate

We are RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated, with over one-million square feet of multi-use commercial properties in Tarrant County.  We have warehouse for rent with outside storage, offices for rent, retail spaces for rent, and outside storage for rent.  Our unique approach to commercial property for rent is to ask you your needs and then match a property to those needs.  That way you are getting exactly what it is you want, and need, for your business.

Why wait any longer. Pick up your phone and give us a call.  Don’t let another minute go by with you separated from the industrial space you were meant to occupy.