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Find The Ideal Office Warehouse Space Right Here in Dallas Fort Worth

If you’re like many small business owners, you want your office and your warehouse operations in one and the same place. And if you had to pick that place, where would it be? Well, you’d want ready access to markets locally and across the United States. You’d be looking for an area where businesses garner support, not suspicion. And most of all, you’d be looking for a cost-effective solution—the commercial space you need at a price you can afford.

That description fits commercial property in North Texas to, well, a T. One thing the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has in abundance is land, and lots of it. And thanks to an extensive highway system, much of that land is next to a high-speed road—and not far from a regional airport, such as Fort Worth Alliance, or the world-class facilities at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport which makes a Tarrant County warehouse for rent such a good decision.

It’s A Buyer’s—Or A Renter’s—Market

There’s no doubt that Dallas, Fort Worth, Dallas County and Tarrant County are doing much better than the rest of the country during this economic downturn. That includes real estate, because the boom that rattled many of the country’s top markets generally passed the Metroplex by. Texas went through a nasty real estate bust in the 1980s, and everybody involved has a long memory, so the funny money that raised prices in so many other states was much harder to come by here.

But North Texas remains a solid buyer’s market because the national downturn has inevitably affected the economy. Companies that planned to expand or relocate thought better of it. Other firms didn’t survive the downturn. In both cases, space—much of it relatively new—has become  available. You can find the sort of office and warehouse space combination you need in areas like Blue Mound, Keller, north Ft. Worth, Saginaw in Tarrant County, and in southern and western Dallas County as well.

If you’re in the market for commercial properties, here are some sites to consider: Craigslist has listings for both Dallas and Fort Worth at its Dallas site, with and For other listings, try the classified advertising site OLX at; There’s also and

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