The search for an office warehouse for rent in Dallas will net quite a few choices.  Dallas is one big city. Dallas has a huge industrial presence. Take a drive through the commercial heart of Dallas and you will be surrounded by warehouses for rent in Dallas with attached offices.  There are big ones and small ones; cute ones and ones as ugly as that tie your Aunt Lois gave you last Christmas, and they all come with a variety of amenities and additions to consider.

So quantity is not going to be a problem!

But is Dallas going to be your best option, or would you be better off in Grapevine, Arlington, or unincorporated Tarrant County to the southwest?

It’s something to consider!

Why fight the traffic of Dallas if you don’t have to do so?

Why wade through the commercial regulations of Dallas if you don’t have to do so?

And why pay the inflated leasing prices of Dallas if you don’t have to do so?

Drive ten to fifteen miles outside of Dallas and you will have the same plethora of choices but at a better cost in a more business-friendly environment with less traffic.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Check out just two examples in Arlington:

Those are two very nice small-to-medium sized office warehouses for rent, twelve miles from Dallas, in a nice, active business park.  All the amenities are there, the leasing price is reasonable, and the traffic considerably less than in Dallas.

And drive five miles away from that business park and you will be in unincorporated Tarrant County where a certificate of occupancy is not required, meaning even fewer government regulations to mess around with.

So there’s the error many people make when looking for commercial property for rent in Dallas. They fail to recognize better options close by to their intended target.  That’s why they need us. We are RDS Real Estate, and it is our job to find the best industrial space which matches your business needs.  Finding the next home for your business is a crucial business decision; don’t waste it by searching before you have all the facts.

RDS Real Estate . . . we will provide those facts and find you the perfect office warehouse for rent.

Give us a call!

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a leader in leasing warehouse space, office space for lease, and multi-use space in Tarrant County, featuring industrial and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Haslet, Blue Mound, the Alliance Area, Arlington, Kennedale, and Haltom City.  For more information about any of their properties, call Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224, email leasing@rdsinvestments or visit  RDS is owned by Ron Sturgeon, a leading name in commercial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.  And for information about Sturgeon’s newest business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the only business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers, you can also contact Jim Eaton.



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