Office space to rent in Irving is available today.  Office space in all sizes, for varying costs, in varying locations within Irving, is available today.  It is our job to match your specific needs with what is available, and we do our job well.  We are RDS Real Estate, and our phone number is (817) 439-3224. Call us and let’s get this job done properly!

Office space to rent comes in varying sizes

You can rent office space which is under one-thousand square feet in size.  You can rent office space which is five-thousand square feet or larger.  Remember that office space, like all commercial property for rent, is priced by the square footage, so it is vital that you have a very clear idea of the size you will need,  not only for today but for the future as well.  If your business showed a twenty percent increase this past year, and you are projecting another twenty percent growth for 2020, you do not want to be leasing office space based on 2019.  These are things we consider when we help you find office space for lease.

Office space to rent comes with varying amenities

Office space comes with reception areas.  It comes with break rooms and storage rooms.  It comes with ADA bathrooms and it comes with attached warehouses.  What do you want, specifically?  You pay extra for extras, so make a list of the necessities, and then make a list of amenities, and we will take it from there.  We don’t want you paying for something you don’t want, or need.

Not all office space for lease is equal regarding location

This is a key point so pay attention.  Is office space to rent in Irving your best option, or should you consider office space to rent Arlington, or office space to rent Grapevine? Is there another location in Tarrant County which would be better for your company other than Irving?  You would be amazed how many business owners choose location based on emotional criteria, when in fact emotions need to be eliminated in making a business decision of this size and scope.  We are talking about the physical face of your business.  You want that business located where it has the best chance of success.  Is that Irving?  Perhaps it is, but we would be remiss in our jobs if we did not raise the question.

This is what we do at RDS Real Estate.  We kick over rocks and find out what crawls out. We ask the tough questions because, to do anything less, would be a disservice to you, and we didn’t become one of the leading commercial real estate firms in Tarrant County by doing disservice to our customers.

We are locally owned and operated.  We know Irving and Tarrant County like the back of our hand. Contact us today and let’s put you in the perfect position for success, today and into the future.  RDS Real Estate is our name.  Our number, again, is (817) 439-3224. We will make it worth your while to make that call.