Office space to rent in Arlington?  You might as well be looking for fleas on a dog.  Yes, there is office space to rent in Arlington.  It took us all of five seconds to find these two commercial properties for rent in that fair city:

And there are many more out there, so many, in fact, that your best approach is to have a game plan before you begin, and the first item on that game plan should be a detailed list of features you absolutely must have in that office for rent.

The list might include small storage in the back, an office/warehouse facility, or the list might include more than one office, or a showroom, or a reception area.  What about a break room for employees, or perhaps a downstairs office and an upstairs office? And then we get into the area of location, location, and location.  Do you want to rent office space in Arlington in an office building, in a strip mall, or stand-alone? Do you want it in downtown Arlington or do you want it in unincorporated Tarrant County, just outside the city limits of Arlington?

Once you have made that list of “absolutes,” add on some features you would like but do not necessarily believe are necessary . . . call them your dream features.

And now you have two choices: you can go it alone and conduct the search solo, calling leasing agents, scheduling a show time for each property, driving around looking for “for rent” signs, wasting important and valuable days doing it the old-fashioned way, or you can show how smart you are and call the Number One commercial real estate company in Tarrant County, RDS Real Estate.

What’s it going to be?

Here is why you should choose Option #2:  RDS is synonymous with commercial real estate in Tarrant County.  Heck, we own and manage over one-million square feet of commercial property, and with the addition of the Fort Worth Design District, which includes Box Office Warehouse Suites, Paddock Place Office Suites, and Golden Triangle Business Park, that number is growing rapidly.  Our leasing agents are standing by to save you time and anxiety.  If we can’t find you the office space you want, chances are it does not exist.

Give us a call!  Let’s get you started in that new office of yours.

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a leader in leasing warehouse space, office space for lease, and multi-use space in Tarrant County, featuring industrial and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Haslet, Blue Mound, the Alliance Area, Arlington, Kennedale, and Haltom City.  For more information about any of their properties, call Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224, email leasing@rdsinvestments or visit  RDS is owned by Ron Sturgeon, a leading name in commercial property for lease in the Fort Worth area.  And for information about Sturgeon’s newest business park, Box Office Warehouse Suites, the only business park in Fort Worth made entirely from shipping containers, you can also contact Jim Eaton.