For sure there is office space for lease in Keller.

And for sure you can find some doing a Google search.

And chances are good you will be hurting your chances of finding the perfect office space for lease for your company by doing so.

Save yourself a headache and call us. We are RDS Real Estate, our number is (817) 439-3224, and we can save you a whole lot of time and effort.

How our “office space to rent” search will happen

You call us.  You tell us exactly what you need in office space for lease in Keller.  We ask some questions and get some specific information about your business, and then we begin our search.  We can already predict what we will find, namely ten or fifteen offices available within the Keller city limits, all of which are comparable in price, and all of which have basically the same features and appearance.  How can we be so sure of that?  Keller has building codes, and those building codes dictate the appearance of any building in Keller.  Keller is also an enclosed market, meaning a city of 45,000 people will have a fairly standard cost factor which affects the cost of any commercial property for rent.  So the offices we find in Keller will all basically look the same and they will all be priced similarly.

And then we will make a suggestion regarding leasing office space

We will then suggest that your best deal . . .  your best opportunity . . . just might not be in Keller! Your goal should be, and most likely is, to find the best available office space to rent which matches the needs of your business. What if that “best available office space” is located in Grapevine, or Fort Worth? Are you willing to pass up a better deal because of ten miles?  Most business owners will say “no” to that question, and that is the number one item we bring to this discussion: the ability to match your business to available commercial properties for rent in the Keller area and not just in Keller.

There is some great office space for lease Grapevine.  There is some great office space for lease Haltom City and great office space for lease Fort Worth. It is our job to find the absolute best deal for you, and our recommendations will be based on that business mission statement.  To do any less would be an injustice to you and would be against what we believe in as a commercial real estate company.

Consider this property:

  • Covered/garage parking available
  • ADA Restrooms
  • Coffee area
  • Balcony available
  • Great location off of Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle Exit in the Alliance commercial real estate area, only the hottest real estate area in the DFW Metro area.
  • Minutes from Alliance area
  • Flexible lease terms available
  • Affordable rates

Those offices for rent can be found at Box Office Warehouse Suites, in the Fort Worth Design District, and the cost if $875 per month.

And there is much more to choose from.

Contact us!  If we can’t find exactly what you need, in Keller or the Keller area, we will eat our hats.