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In this article, about office space for lease in Fort Worth, we are going to unashamedly toot our own horn. We are RDS Real Estate and, quite frankly, nobody does it better in the world of affordable industrial space and commercial property for rent. Call us at 817-439-3224 for more information.

With that self-promotion out of the way, let’s look at some Fort Worth options for office space for lease.

Small and funky office space for lease.

Small businesses need small office space, and we’ve got it at Box Office Warehouse Suites, located in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth.  All units are 320-square-feet in size, all are very affordable, and all are made from professionally designed shipping containers.

This is an idea which, twenty years ago, would have been laughed at but, in today’s economy, saving money with creative approaches is not funny at all.  And, if you are the creative type, Box Office Warehouse Suites is definitely going to appeal to you with brightly colored properties, street art, electric car charging stations, patios, balconies, and a dog park.

Part-time office rentals.

Why sign a long-term lease if you don’t have to? Think about this: do you really need office space twelve months per year? Could you get by with only renting an office six months per year? Three?

If part-time leasing office space appeals to you, turn your attention to Paddock Place Office Suites, right next door to Box Office Warehouse Suites, a converted horse barn where shared office space, at huge savings, is available.  Think about it: no utilities payments, no WiFi payments, no upkeep on a building, just use it when you need it and walk away when you don’t.

Another idea we have seen work is to share office space. This is becoming quite popular in the larger cities.  You have a central reception area, separated areas for two companies, and shared expenses.  And this really has a ring of success if the two businesses are complimentary, as in a lawyer’s office and a bail bondsman office.

Traditional? We’ve got a ton of traditional.

And, for those or you who simply want a traditional office space for rent, we have many to choose from, in the best locations, offering the best in amenities.  Strip malls, stand-alone, great walk-in traffic, great drive-by traffic, in business parks or on city corners, we have over three-million square feet of properties to choose from, all sizes and shapes.  In fact, possibly too many properties for you to consider. That is why we recommend you have firm grasp of your situation, your budget, your needs in terms of size, and the amenities you are looking for. That way, when you call us, we can narrow down the possibilities so we can best meet your needs as quickly as possible.

A final word about RDS Real Estate.

RDS Real Estate is locally owned and operated, and that right there should tell you something about our knowledge of the Fort Worth Metro area.  We live here, we work here, we play here, and all of that adds up to a vast knowledge of the local real estate industry. Call us today and put us to work for you.