Office space for lease in Colleyville comes in all shapes and sizes, when it is available.  We will come back to that statement in a moment.  First, though, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are the men and women of RDS Real Estate, one of the leading commercial and industrial real estate companies in Tarrant County.  You can reach us at (817) 439-3224 if you have specific questions about leasing office space.

Now back to our statement

Office space for lease when available

Office space comes in upstairs units over existing businesses.  It comes in strip malls and shopping malls.  It comes in office buildings and stand-alone buildings.  It comes in retrofitted homes and we will even mention, a little later in this article, about office space for lease in a converted horse barn.

The problem is this: it is in short supply in Colleyville.  A city of 22,000 with a small downtown corridor will not have many opportunities to rent office space.  That is a reality you must be aware of as you begin your search for office space to rent.  In other words, you may have to expand your search to include cities beyond Colleyville if you want to rent office space.

The nature of your business and office space

If you plan on being an insurance company in Colleyville, with customers primarily from Colleyville, then your decision has already been made.  Obviously you will need to rent office space in Colleyville, case closed!  But if you are going to draw your customers from all corners of Tarrant County, limiting your search to just Colleyville makes no sense at all.

Only you can make that decision.  What we have found in the past is that many business people open offices in the same city they live in when, in fact, there is no logical business reason to do so.  If you have a company like a title company, wouldn’t it make good business sense to have that office in the largest population center possible rather than Colleyville?  The fact that you live in a city is no solid business reason for renting an office in that city.

Yes, we can help you!

If you are bound and determined to look at office space for lease in Colleyville, we can help you.  If you want to rent office space in a great location for your business, outside of Colleyville, we can definitely help you with that as well.  In fact, we would strongly suggest you check out the Fort Worth Design District in the Alliance Area of North Fort Worth.  And in that District we strongly suggest you take a look at Box Office Warehouse Suites and Paddock Place Office Suites . . . great location, great variety of offices for rent, and great values for your business dollar.

Contact us today . . . RDS Real Estate . . . our job is to find the perfect industrial property for rent, or Colleyville commercial property for  rent, which matches your needs, and we do our job well.  One simple phone call to (817) 439-3224 will put you on the path to success.