Commercial Property For Rentretail space for lease

If you have dreamed of renting a retail space for lease Fort Worth, but thought they are all too expensive, you really need to read this article and then give us a call at (817) 439-3224.  It’s about time you were introduced to the Fort Worth Design District.

Why rent a retail space for lease?

Did you trip over your son’s fire engine on the way to your home business office this morning? Did the dog chew up a folder which contained customer information?  Does the doorbell keep ringing when you are in the middle of a presentation, only to find out it is a Jehovah Witness stopped by to chat?  Has your supply inventory spilled into the garage, and now your wife’s car is parked in the driveway?

Listen, we applaud anyone with a home business.  There are millions of them in the United States today, making up a large percentage of commerce in this country.  Each home business owner is running his or her business on a shoestring budget, and each one is working long hours trying to make the business a success while balancing home duties as a parent or a spouse.

But there comes a time, if you are successful, when you simply have to get out of the house and into a professional storefront.  In other words, it just might be time for you to toss aside the training wheels and ride that two-wheeler with confidence.

It might be time for a retail space for rent!

“But I can’t afford it?”  You don’t know how many times we have heard that, and more often than not the person who has said that is only basing the statement on a “gut feeling” or a quick internet search.  They are convinced they can’t afford retail lease space Fort Worth without really doing an adequate market search, and that’s a shame, because all they have to do is call us at RDS Real Estate for a solution to their space problems.

You have a great product you are selling. Don’t you think it’s about time you put that product in a retail space where people can see it in Fort Worth, rather than spend all your time on Etsy?

How does this sound to you?

320 square feet of retail lease space for $875 per month?

Trust us when we tell you that is rock bottom in terms of pricing for commercial property for rent Fort Worth.

Trust us when we tell you that retail space for rent is located in one of the fastest growing commercial areas in Tarrant County, the Alliance Area.

Trust us when we tell you that the future of your business should be located at Box Office Warehouse Suites, a truly unique business park in the heart of the Fort Worth Design District.  You can tuck your business next door to Happy Bank or Salon & Spa Galleria, pay unheard of low leasing costs, and kick back and watch it grow.

You really can’t afford NOT to call us if you are at all interested in success. Contact us today!