If your goal is leasing office space in Tarrant County, stop with the Google searches and call (817) 439-3224. That number belongs to RDS Real Estate.  We can find office space to rent faster than you can, and we can find office space to rent which is better for your business.  Let’s do this correctly, together, starting with that phone call.

Why are we so certain we can find office space for lease for you?  Because this is what we do, and we do it as well as anyone. In fact, we do it so well, we even planned and developed office space structures in Tarrant County which are perfect for small-to-medium businesses, structures like Box Office Warehouse Suites and/or Paddock Place Office Suites at 1949 Golden Heights Rd, both in the Fort Worth Design District . . . in fact, we planned and developed the entire District.

But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves . . .

Leasing office space which is right for you

That’s the trick, you know. Not all office space is equal, and not all office space is good for all businesses.  We can show you office space to rent Haltom City at 5208 Airport Fwy, great office space for small businesses, good traffic flow, and a good population center, but it might be all wrong for your particular business. That’s why we get down to the basics when you contact us.  We don’t immediately start searching for office space when you call us. Instead we sit down and we get to know you. We ask questions about your business.  We ask questions about your plans and your business vision. Only after getting a detailed picture of who you are and what you want do we begin suggesting properties for you to look at.  What good is a good office space for lease in Haltom City if it does not match what you need for your particular business?

It is that attention to detail which sets us apart from other commercial real estate companies.

So tell us what you want in office space to rent.

Be specific.  One office or more? Reception area? Storage area/small warehouse?  Square footage? We have offices for rent starting at 320 square feet, perfect for a small, start-up business. We also have offices for those interested in coworking in a coworking space.

What kind of parking do you need?  Do you need a loading dock in back in an office/warehouse combination?  Do you need ample parking?  Do you need an office in a business park, in an office building, or in a strip mall/stand alone location?

It all matters. These are questions which can greatly affect your business and your future success, and that’s why we ask them.  Your welfare is our concern, as it should be for any commercial real estate company.

Contact us today!  We want to show you Box Office Warehouse Suites. We want to show you Paddock Place Office Suites.  We want to show you the future home of your business, the perfect reflection of you as a business owner.

The name is RDS Real Estate, locally owned and operated in Tarrant County. Contact us  today!