Leasing office space in Southlake is a bit more complicated than just doing a Google search, and it’s a bit more complicated than driving around Southlake looking for an “office space to rent” sign.  But never fear! We can help you. Call RDS Real Estate at (817) 439-3224 and we can put you in the office space your company needs and deserves.

Steps to take when leasing office space

It all begins with your needs when you rent office space, so stop looking for available office space and make a list of things you need in your new office.  Do you need a reception area? How large an office do you want?  Do you need a storeroom? Do you want an office in an office building, or a “stand alone” office? Do you want to be near the Southlake Town Square, or off the main commercial district?  Answers to these questions matter because office space for lease in Southlake is not available in big numbers, which leads us to this question: is it more important for you to find an office in Southlake or is it more important that you find the type of office you desire?

So Step One is to make that list. Step Two is to contact a reliable and trusted commercial real estate firm, sit down with a broker, and go over your options with him/her.  Step Three is to listen to their recommendations, and Step Four is to make a decision after looking at the best options you have.

It all sounds so easy! The reality is this: finding an office space to rent in Southlake is a piece of cake; finding the office space to rent which matches your specific needs, in Southlake, is going to be a test of your patience.

Options to rent office space

Let’s say you can’t find what you want in Southlake?   You then have two options, you can either expand your search and look for office space to lease Grapevine, or office space for lease Haltom City, or you can lower your expectations about what it is you want and need in office space.  Here is another reality about office space to rent in Southlake: chances are, if you are a large company, you will not find a large office to meet your needs, and if you are a small company, you will not find office space at a price you can afford.  It’s all about Supply and Availability, and in the case of Southlake, we are talking about a short supply in a very desirable area. That is a bad leasing situation for a businessman.

Our recommendations

If you are a large company, look to Grapevine or Haltom City.  If you are a small company, say a start-up or a home-business looking to expand, look to the Alliance Area in unincorporated North Fort Worth. There you will find start-up offices for lease starting at $875 per month for 320 square feet of office space in the Fort Worth Design District at a place called Box Office Warehouse Suites.  This is, in our professional opinion, the absolute best opportunity for a small or medium sized business looking for office space to rent in Tarrant County.

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